Astrology – What’s It Good For?

So, I’m in California, and today we’re supposed to have power blackouts all across the state, I guess, and there’s nothing like planned power outages to remind you how much you rely on electricity.  I might be the only thing in this house not hooked up to the wall in some way, recharging or being used, or at some point I must rely on it, like my stove.  And my oven.  And fridge.  And crockpot, sometimes.

Today is, in fact, a crock pot day, planned before the news of the power outage.  I thawed pork ribs.  I was READY.

And this morning realized that the power might cut out before I could get them started.  Or in the middle. IN THE MIDDLE.

But also, they might not.

Maddening.  I started them, because I had to.  And even if I get them done, it’s super early, so I might not be able to reheat them.

All I can think about is pork ribs.  Because I’m a Scorpio and super focused on my challenge.

In the middle of PORK RIBS PORK RIBS PORK RIBS whirling around in my mind, I also thought, “wow, that’s some crazy high-quality Scorpio-obsessive thinking right there.”  Because I’m doing the promoting for these charm bracelets on my website, I got the Zodiac on my mind.  And pork ribs, obviously, but right then, I decided to just go do something else.  Like write a blog post right quick, because if astrology isn’t here to help you understand yourself better, what good is it?  If you have a lot of traits listed for your sign, it’s a good thing to reflect on, just to know yourself better.  And if you don’t like those traits, you can learn to catch yourself doing them and stop.  Or as I try to do, accept those things and learn to use them to your advantage.  My habit of super focusing has helped me immensely, even if it makes me wig out over my crock pot every once in awhile.  And catch myself when I’m going too far.  I’ve been posting stuff about the different signs on my Facebook page, check it out if you’re interested.  This is the Scorpio charm bracelet, and you can see the rest of the horoscope bracelets here.

Scorpio Charm Bracelet

And now I’m off – see ya soon, jool lovers!

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