Creative Block? 8 Ways To Revitalize Your Muse

Creative blocks are the worst.  Hard to work while you have one, and it can be difficult to shift.  Sometimes it feels like your creativity has abandoned you, broken somehow, never to return.  All this time I’ve been working with these beads and making juicy jools, it hits me sometimes, too.  Not a single good… Continue reading Creative Block? 8 Ways To Revitalize Your Muse


Get Organized: Beaded Lanyards

Before I took that break in December, I had some fun making beaded lanyards.  I love them because they let me use colorful seed beads to play texture and shape while creating a piece that’s useful and can be worn every day. These beaded lanyards can be used in several ways: As a badge holder:… Continue reading Get Organized: Beaded Lanyards

Leaning Into Whimsy

Hey there, lovers of the Juicy Jools! Hope all has been going well for you. I have been hard at work, making gorgeous things. This time around, it’s eyeglass chains. I really like the idea of eyeglass chains – keeping your reading glasses with you, instead of having to re-trace your steps to remember where… Continue reading Leaning Into Whimsy

Working With Chain

Hey there, jool lovers! I can’t believe it’s already March. St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner, and we are barreling toward Spring at full speed. I can already hear the birds chirping and every day the sun gets brighter and stronger. Watching the seasons change reminds me that I need to get to… Continue reading Working With Chain

Being Creative During The Pandemic

Hey, there, Jool Lovers! All is well with mine, hope you are doing well also. Pretty nerve wracking times we’re having right now, here in California, and all over the world. It’s nearly overwhelming. There are so many ways to feel right now, and sometimes they hit one after the other: anger, fear, anxiety, compassion,… Continue reading Being Creative During The Pandemic