Happy New Year!

Happy new year, juicy jool lovers!  I hope things are going well for you, at the beginning of the year.  Did you make any resolutions?  I only had one, to watch Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon host the Rose Parade.  And I did exactly that, in my robe, with my coffee, on the comfiest couch in the house.  They were great, and laughing is the best way to start the new year, I think.  And now I’ve accomplished 100% of my goals for the year!

Well, if you know me,  you know that I might have too many goals, instead of not enough.  So, my goal for January is to make a bunch of eyeglass chains, and try out some design ideas.  I’m trying to get an early start to testing new products, sometimes they take a little while longer to design and execute.  I’ve been procrastinating on this one project for eyeglass holders (it’s always one little tiny but crucial thing, right?) but I’m determined to at least start it this month.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I definitely need to make some in the present style, I love the look.  Here’s a new one, pastel pink and gold.


You can see more pictures of it here.  I love how that one came out, and want to make more, I have so many color combos to try!

But there’s always new things to try as well. I want to make some new things this year. That’s not so much a resolution as it is a decluttering of my design file.  Sketches, magazine clippings, notes, I want to see how they’d turn out if I did them my way.  I need a challenge.  Well, I probably have enough, but the creative ones are fun.  I have a lot of earring designs in there, and I might as well use my own sketches as inspiration!

I have a shop on Facebook now, connected to my Juicybeads Jewelry FB Page.  It’s everything I put on my website, but if you’re over there, you can pop in and see what’s new.  I really like this new website.  I’m still learning all the tricks and shortcuts, but it’s easy to use.  I love the look of this one.  I particularly love that I could make mine purple!  I’ve added some new beaded lanyards, and necklaces, too.

See all those juicy new jools here.

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! one more time, and hope that 2019 brings us only The Good Stuff and All The Luck.  I’d love to hear about your resolutions and whether you think you’ll keep them, and also about any exciting plans you have for 2019!  Now I gotta go make something, but I’ll be back soon!


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