Delightful December & My 2019 WOTY

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Hello, Jool Lovers!

December is always a super-busy month, I don’t usually get a lot of work done during the winter.  And if I do suddenly have a burst of creativity, the light outside might not be bright enough to do the jewelry justice in photos.  The seasons do not care if you have a schedule, I’ve noticed.  Plus I took the time away from production to make my Shopify site ( and while I love it, it’s taking me a minute or two to get my production momentum up to speed.  I do expect to have new stuff for new year’s.

New stuff, new ideas, new products, coming up in 2019!  I feel like I need some newness! I’ve also been thinking about my Word of the Year (WOTY).  It has to be something that I want in my life all year long, a particular energy to help me get things done.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and the one I’m going with is: Industrious.  I’ve spent a lot of time this year learning how things work online, but I don’t feel I spent enough time creating.  So, definitely going to get to work in 2019, but also, I want to keep on learning about effective SEO, take better photos, expand my education, and put it to use.  I want to be industrious, busy as a bee. Last year’s WOTY was “Satisfaction” so that I could continue moving forward.  And I did move forward, and I can’t lie, it was exhausting.  Kicking down the walls of your own resistance and ignorance is not easy!  It created a lot of opportunities I might not have seen otherwise, and it did make me stretch and use my brain and challenged me.  And it was overall positive but there were days when I thought I’d snatch myself bald with rage.   That’s just how it goes, right?  But I don’t know that I was so satisfied with the way that year worked out.  So, I want to be more careful about the words I assign to my year.  And I do want to be industrious.  I got a lot of beads that need stringing!
Do you have a Word of the Year?  I’m always interested in the words people choose, especially the ones I’d never think of but which would also be perfect.  And also I’m nosy.  So tell, if you’ve got one!

Happiest of holidays and Happy New Year, dear Juicy Jool Lovers, I hope the coming year is full of love, peace, and joy for all!

happy new year 2019

One thought on “Delightful December & My 2019 WOTY

  1. I don’t know if I have a word for the year, but I am aiming for 2019 to be lighter. Even my writing and my creations could be lighter. My frame of mind, my goals, my sensibilities all will be lighter. I look forward to seeing all your new designs and hey — you have a friend who knows a bit about SEO. You should use me.

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