New! Purse Charm Keychains

I have something new to share!  It’s been a little while, right, jool lovers?  But here I am, with fun, new, juicy keychains.  Gorgeous new keychains you can clip to your purse, your backpack, your beltloops, or anywhere else you can think to put it! Look at this juice! That’s a pretty one.  I made… Continue reading New! Purse Charm Keychains

JuicyLove for Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day!  I love the idea of people celebrating their love.  When my kids were in elementary school, I loved shopping for valentines for classmates, love all the heart-shaped candy, I love heart-shaped beads.   I didn’t always love it.  Before I met my husband,  when I was lonely, Valentine’s Day was painful. … Continue reading JuicyLove for Valentine’s Day