Once Again, It’s Time To Decorate Your Feets

I noticed that I last remarked upon the need to decorate one’s ankles and feet with jewelry a year ago, at the end of May.  It seemed like the sunny weather got an earlier start last year, didn’t it?  It was cloudy two days ago, here in Southern California, and raining two days before that,… Continue reading Once Again, It’s Time To Decorate Your Feets

Gemstone Treasures

I really love gemstone jewelry.  Well, I really love gemstones, and whatever technique allows me to wears them makes me happy!  I’ve been working with stones for a long time, and have featured them on my site before.  I was very excited to read that one of the 2018 jewelry trends is gemstone jewelry!  Excited… Continue reading Gemstone Treasures

Wildly Impossible, Doing It Anyway

(So many purples and some Batman means some awesome beading is about to happen!) I’m the sort of person who tends to choose small projects, which I then complicate into big projects, and either come to my senses and scale the project down or move on.  Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best technique, depending on what I want to play… Continue reading Wildly Impossible, Doing It Anyway

Losing My Bead-mentum In The Summer

Every other year, my husband’s family goes on a big trip somewhere.  This year, we got together and went to the Grand Canyon.  It was a fine trip, lovely destination, beautiful views, all the desert flora and fauna one might want to see.  I spent a week just enjoying myself, resolving not to dwell on… Continue reading Losing My Bead-mentum In The Summer

Summer Is The Time To Dress Your Feets With Juicy Ankle Jools

It’s starting to feel like summer out here, and that makes me think about anklets, and if I do too much of that, then I have to make some.  I think anklets are sexy.  Exotic.  I don’t see them so much in the United States, but on trips to Papeete, Hawaii, and Barbados, they were… Continue reading Summer Is The Time To Dress Your Feets With Juicy Ankle Jools

Welcome to Juicybeads Jewelry!

Hey, hi!  My name’s Tracy.  I make handmade jewelry, accessories, and gifts, with beads.  Glass beads, shell, wood, porcelain, I love to work with beads.  There is so much to consider when working with beads – colors and textures, design and creation, beauty and elegance, boldness and delight.  I’ve been making jewelry for nearly 15 years, and enjoy all… Continue reading Welcome to Juicybeads Jewelry!