Only One

When I first began making jewelry, I was so excited about all the different ways to create, I made one version of every idea I had.  Because I “inherited” a big mix of beads and other materials, one completed piece would take most of the beads I wanted to use for the project, maybe I’d have a few left over to make earrings, but in general, one was all I could make.  Of course, over time I have bought many more new beads, but even now, I have so many ideas to try, and so many textures and finishes to work with, I still only make one-of-a-kind pieces, although it is easier now to make the companion pieces into a whole set.

Get this black beaded crow pendant necklace set here.

I know some artists make single pieces to drive up value, but that’s not why I do it.  I just have ideas and plenty of ‘em!  And if I do find a design I want to repeat, I make sure to change it, add something here, take away something there, change the color, I don’t want them to be the same pieces, over and over again.  I want each piece unique, just like its wearer will be.

Get these beaded keychains here.

And what’s great about one-of-a-kind jewelry is that in a way, they were made for you.  When your eyes landed on those jewels and your heart told you that you needed them, right away, even if you didn’t know how much you needed them til that moment, they were made to be worn by no one but you.  No one else in the world will have the same treasures that you do.  And if you give it as a gift or a beloved keepsake years from now, I want it to be a unique and special way to share your love with someone close.

Don’t you just love The Platters?  This song is one of my favorites!  Anyway, happy March, jool lovers! 


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