Get Organized: Beaded Lanyards

Before I took that break in December, I had some fun making beaded lanyards.  I love them because they let me use colorful seed beads to play texture and shape while creating a piece that’s useful and can be worn every day. These beaded lanyards can be used in several ways:

As a badge holder:

black rainbow beaded lanyard juicybeads jewelry

As a keychain necklace:

teal brown beaded lanyard juicybeads jewelry

The plastic strap with clip, and a plastic pouch are included with every lanyard.

These lanyards are long enough to go over most people’s heads, but I put an easy-to-use lobster clasp at the end.  The sizes vary, so please take note of the details, if length is an issue.

The beads are made of glass in rich colors, with a silver foil core, so they are luminous on the C-Lon beading cord, which can withstand 75lbs, and is flexible, durable and waterproof. You can use a very mild soap and water solution to clean your lanyard, patting away dampness with a soft towel and allowing to air dry. The big clip on the end is removable, and the keyring itself is not difficult to string keys on.

metallic brown beaded lanyard juicybeads jewelry

Very useful!  And pretty!  Do you need a beaded lanyard? See all the new ones here.

Spent some time spiffing up my website!  Changed some stuff around here and there, and I really like it.  Check it out: What do you think?


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