Happy New Year!

Hello, 2023!

And here we go, right back to work.  This year, I want to blog more.  And I know I always say that, and the last time I said it, I didn’t write at all.  It was true, I DID want to write, but I was also studying the mysterious ways of online selling, and blogging had to be put on pause while I absorbed all that knowledge. Now I better understand how SEO works (mostly), and what I can and can’t do on my site, in the biz in general, FB advertising, what ETSY is good and not good for.  As Edison once said “I haven’t failed 10,000 times, I’ve successfully learned 10,000 ways that will not work.”  So I’m still chiseling away at learning the best way to Do All The Things.  I spent a lot of time planning this year’s doings and I think I have a good plan.  We’ll see. Writing here more often will definitely be a part of that. 

I did take the month of December off, production-wise.  I really needed that break.  Now I’m excited about what’s coming next for the juiciest of jools: semi-precious gems!  My fingers are just itching to get to work making stone pieces again.  Looking forward to talking about gems and playing with gorgeous rocks!  I think I’ll start with amethyst – purple always goes first, right? 

But I might go with aventurine, this beautiful green is calling me too!

The hot orange of carnelian wants to be mixed in, so there may be some of that as well!

You will be the first to know which stone I start with, so stay tuned!

I also spent some time spiffing up my website!  Changed some stuff around here and there, added a page or two, and I really like it now.  Check it out: www.juicybeadsjewelry.com. What do you think?  Let me know!

Happy new year and all the good stuff for you in 2023!



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