Leaning Into Whimsy

Hey there, lovers of the Juicy Jools! Hope all has been going well for you. I have been hard at work, making gorgeous things. This time around, it’s eyeglass chains. I really like the idea of eyeglass chains – keeping your reading glasses with you, instead of having to re-trace your steps to remember where you left them, without having to wear them all the time. As a person who loses things frequently, I appreciate time-saving accessories. Not too long ago, I realized that I needed to update the look of my eyeglass chains. I decided to mix some shaped beads into my designs this time around. For a long time, I’ve been eyeing these beautiful flower beads, and I snapped them up when they went on sale. I thought they’d be either too large or too small, but they turned out to be perfect, colorful and lightweight, for eyeglass chains. I could not resist using this shiny brown blossoms:

Or these gorgeous purple flowers:

But of course, I had lots of flower beads already, and these cute ladybugs, too:

Beautiful blend of fall colors:

Deep red and glowing pink beads:

I made a lot of eyeglass chains this time around. I made a project out of it, set a high goal for completion, and a hard deadline. Which I sort of went over, but only because once I got started I didn’t want to stop. I have a lot of good beads to choose from in this size for this project. And I didn’t want to duplicate the flowers so when I finished with those, I moved on to making a few holiday themed chains. This one is both more flowers and nice and dark for Halloween:

And another bright traditionally colored Halloween chain:

And a new Christmas-y colored beaded chain:

Aren’t those little heart beads perfect in there? This summer I let my whimsy flag fly high! I love the way the designs turned out with shaped beads. You can see all of the eyeglass chains here. All of them have lobster clasps on the end to make it easy to change the rubber holders. You can also take the rubber holders off and put a face mask on in its place. These chains are very versatile, and because I string them on beading cord, they are also durable and flexible, and securely knotted and attached to the clasps. I also include an extra pair of rubber holders with every purchased eyeglass chain. I think they make a great gift or colorful stocking stuffer, so if you know someone who wears reading glasses and hates losing them, consider giving The Juice for the holidays!

Til next time, Jool Lovers!


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