Working With Chain

Hey there, jool lovers! I can’t believe it’s already March. St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner, and we are barreling toward Spring at full speed. I can already hear the birds chirping and every day the sun gets brighter and stronger. Watching the seasons change reminds me that I need to get to making more jewelry!

Today I’m thinking about chain. I like chain, all kinds. I like the silvery glittery look thin chains give as they slither around your neck and down your neckline. I like the warm glow of golden chain against fabric or your skin. But what I like best about chain is putting beads on it. Creating bright color dangles and charms, my eye always on the drape and the twist of the link so that they hang together in harmony.

Last year I began thinking about working again with chain. Like I said, I like to work with it. I used to make my own beaded links, forming brightly colored chains. And then I got bit by the macrame bug, and my chain designs were set aside for awhile.

Chain is very popular, and probably always will be in some form or another. And so last year, I decided to make some pieces, see what I could do with what I had. I started with the zodiac bracelets.

Pisces Zodiac Bracelet, $26

Those were so fun to make. I chose colors that I thought suited the astrological signs, dug out my best beads and made the dangles. It’s so interesting laying out the beaded charms and then linking them to the chain, you never know exactly how it’ll come out. To see the zodiac bracelets, click here.

I liked the look of those bracelets so much that I started another project with brass chain and purple beads. That one came out exactly as I hoped it would. The elegant purple glass heart pendant with gracefully stacked beads I like in particular.

Purple Beaded Cluster Necklace, $38

To see more pictures of this necklace and the matching earrings and bracelet, click here.

This octopus locket pendant has been in my collection for a long time, and I thought it was perfect for a big bold ocean green necklace on brass chain. I got to dive into my big bag of greens, and was surprised to see how the brass settled so naturally with those deep sea shades.

Ocean Green Beaded Cluster Necklace, $50

To see more pictures of this necklace and matching earrings and bracelet, click here. To see all the chain bracelets, click here.

Right now, I feel creatively torn; more chain pieces or on to wire or macrame cord? It’s time to make more things, so I have to decide. Or maybe I’ll make a bunch of earrings, it feels like that time too. Check back to see what I decide, here or at Juicybeads Jewelry!

Have a happy Spring and I’ll see you soon, jool lovers!


One thought on “Working With Chain

  1. You have such patience to work such magic – weaving chain and beads together. I am anxiously waiting to see your next creative pursuit!

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