Being Creative During The Pandemic

Hey, there, Jool Lovers!
All is well with mine, hope you are doing well also. Pretty nerve wracking times we’re having right now, here in California, and all over the world. It’s nearly overwhelming. There are so many ways to feel right now, and sometimes they hit one after the other: anger, fear, anxiety, compassion, love, worry for others, worry for ourselves. If you’re working or sheltering at home, then you might find yourself a lot more time than usual to mull these things. I am a huge mull-er, a consider-er, a marinate-er, yes, a worrier, but mostly an over-thinker. And it’s not because I’m not used to being in the house, I run a home-based business. I’m always home. But these are unprecedented times, in so many ways, and sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on my goals.

And I felt guilty, sitting and working, thinking about sick people. How could I keep working, with so much upheaval? What was the point? Who was I working for?

ME. I decided that if I could get sick and die at any point, why not start making things I wanted to see in the world, instead of what I hoped people would want? As a challenge to myself, I tried to create designs to include beads I hardly ever use.

This challenge gave me permission to enjoy creating. I didn’t have a particular design in mind, didn’t even know if it would produce anything, because the reason I never used those beads was because I didn’t like how they looked. But now I was designing to suit those beads, and came up with some very good work after all.

Working with beads is my happy place. I once read that one’s art had to be their best friend, and I realized that that was true for me. So I went and hid in my beady happiness, and got to work.

I needed it. And I wanted to post some words about how helpful a hobby is at a time like this, how the attention to detail and determined focus can make the harsh reality a little easier to deal with. And to give permission to be creative during this stressful time, if that was needed. Creating beauty or delicious or comfy or whatever you do or craft, that is something the world could always use more of. And please enjoy your art/hobby time and let that creativity flow!

Here are some motivational quotes in case you need more than permission to get started: . Some of those make me want to get going on my next project right now!

I do have some new pairs of earrings, you can take a look at them here and on the New Earrings page at my website

Hot Pink Chain Dangle Earrings
Blue Rectangle Earrings
Long Blue Drop Earrings

There’s more beaded earring goodness coming soon, I’ll talk more about them then.

Get to work, jool lovers, and I’ll see you again soon! And if you don’t feel ready to be creative right this moment, I hope you find another way to rest and re-charge and above all, STAY WELL!

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