Bang Zoom Presto!

Hey, there, Jool Lovers!  Spring feels right around the corner and all the energy in the air makes me wish I could get all my projects started these days.  And finished, too,  BANG ZOOM! and I suppose, also PRESTO! just like magic.  My Patience Account is always on zero.  And I don’t think I’d want to be BANG ZOOM PRESTO! all the time.  Just on some things.  Like this blog, and all of my social media juicy marketing whatnots.

Didn’t I say I wanted to set new goals in my last post?  Pretty sure I did. I still do, but it didn’t happen because I didn’t know how to get started.  I have made some blue jools.  They are delicious (pics soon). But I am not close to being finished on the project.
Real life is intruding, not in a bad way, but my time has another demand on it, and so everything is off a bit until I work out the path forward.

Seems like it’s always like that.  This is where the BANG ZOOM PRESTO! urges start.  If only I could do it all faster, more efficiently, streamline every process so I don’t spend too much energy working it out and get on to the next thing.

I’ve spent a chunk of time the last few months learning how SEO and my site work.  Necessary, VERY, but that was time spent chasing information piecemeal so that it took a while for it all to make sense.  And can I just say, WOW, there are a lot of people out there who know everything there is to know about the topic and would love to sell me just enough to convince me to let them handle it because only THEY know the right way and you’ll fail without their wisdom.  That was super irritating.  And every link I clicked showed up in my Facebook afterwards, selling, selling, selling.  It taught me a lot, while teaching me very little about the topic I was researching.

But finally, I got the SEO together enough to show up in Google under the right keywords and that is a VICTORY. (YAYYYYYYYY!)  It is the very least an ecommerce site can do, I know, but an accomplishment for me.

And then I realized that it had taken me so long do figure it all out, that I needed to make some new jools, and start up the daily posting on social media and that other new thing, and well, I’m behind.  But ahead, too, because the technical stuff was confusing, but creating is thankfully a question of time.

On a side note, if learning to make jewelry was as difficult as learning to sell it, I’d still be writing horror stories. I saw a lot of articles about creating, and separately about selling, and I notice that dropshipping is very popular, and I conclude it’s really difficult to do it all, harder than I thought, for sure.  Much easier to do one or the other.  So I’m super-proud of myself for a moment, ok, for hanging in there and still trying.

Ok, so, now I’m reading about book about content writing for social media (I haven’t read far enough to evaluate it, but it’s the One Hour Content Plan, by Meera Kothard), and it’s forcing me to figure out my brand.  And I don’t mean forcing in a bad way – I needed forcing, and this is important, I know it, so I’m thinking about it.  I think I’m going to continue to focus on how to live life more creatively, and present my jewelry and accessories as one colorful way to do it, among others, and of course I have to post more.  But having a plan is the most important thing, I’ve discovered.  After having spent 6 months groping around in the dark, I’d much rather have a path to follow, and preferably to get closer to getting it done on the regular with valuable content.

It took me a long time to admit I needed guidance, and a longer time to actually find it.  It reminds me that it’s not the destination but the voyage.  And that you can hate the trip but enjoy the souvenirs when you get back home.

So, hopefully, I’ll be at full BANG ZOOM PRESTO! soon with the marketing, and can go back to dreaming up the beautiful again, I miss it, a lot.

I have been working on my Juicybeads Jewelry site again, changed the home page, check it out.  I really like the new colors!

Hope to bring the beautiful blue to you soon, Jool Lovers!




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