New! Purse Charm Keychains

I have something new to share!  It’s been a little while, right, jool lovers?  But here I am, with fun, new, juicy keychains.  Gorgeous new keychains you can clip to your purse, your backpack, your beltloops, or anywhere else you can think to put it!

Look at this juice!

Butterfly Purse Charms

That’s a pretty one.  I made one like that for myself, too, could not resist.  But so happy and spring-ish!

100_5664 100_5668

Yeah, once I got started with those butterflies, made of magnesite stone, I had to make a couple more.  Magnesite is said to be a peaceful, centering, and calming stone, very smooth and cool to the touch.  These butterflies are dyed that lovely turquoise color, and I can tell you that it does not rub off or fade with use.

But that’s not all!  Here’s this vibrant red and blue purse charm:

Red Blue Beaded Keychain

Clips right to your purse!  Or your pants, like I mentioned earlier:


If you need your keys handy, you will always have them nearby if they’re clipped to your beltloop.  No more hunting or digging around in your bag for them, and at 5 1/2 inches, they are easy to see and brightly colored, and surprisingly lightweight at about 3 oz.

Like these pretty keychains:

100_5689 100_5646

And that’s not all!  You can see the rest of these Purse Charm Keychains over at Juicybeads Jewelry, come check out that beady goodness!  Let me know if you love ’em!

Til next time, jool lovers!






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