Useful Jewelry (Or 7 Things You Can Do With A Juicybeads Lanyard)

Hey, hi! Hope the heat isn’t wearing you down too much, Jool Lovers!  Today I want to talk a little bit about accessories, what I call Useful Jewelry.

Once upon a time, I had a job that required that I wear a badge every day, not only as identification, but to get in and out of the parking structure, and to ride the elevators to the appropriate floor.  I used the little metal clippy-thing that came with my badge, and stuck it on my belt loops, or if necessary, my actual blouse, which left little marks on it at the end of the day.  It never occurred to me to find something to put that badge on to keep it from getting banged around or get twisted and pull on my clothes.  Nothing more than an occasional annoyance, really, except when I couldn’t find it in the morning from having been on yesterday’s outfit, and wasted precious minutes trying to remember where I’d last put it.

I’d never used a lanyard until I started making them, never knew how useful and handy this accessory could be until I had some to sell and needed to describe them.  Of course, they are badge holders.  You can use a little plastic envelope, put your badge or parking pass in it, and keep it handy for work.  You can also use them for passes at fairs or concerts, in constant view and hard to lose, as you’d be wearing it around your neck.  I would also recommend them for travelers, to keep track of stateroom or hotel door keys, which are easy to lose when you’re having a vacation adventure.

Juicybeads Jewelry Badge Holder
Handy Badge Holder

It’s very easy to clip the badge holder to the lanyard, and if you didn’t want to use that big clip, the little clip that comes with the lanyard would do the job as well, although that big plastic strap and clip might be more secure.  Either way, you’ll always know where your identification, backstage pass, or card key is when you need it.

And if you don’t need to wear your lanyard all the time, I make them all long enough to easily put it on and take it off overhead.  But what if that isn’t easy to do, what if you don’t want to catch it on your hair or you’re wearing a hat that day?  I put a lobster clasp at the end, so that putting it on and taking it off is easy as well.

Beaded Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry
Plum Purple Lanyard

I want to point out here, that these lanyards are not just for identification and parking cards.  If you don’t want to wear your watch on your wrist or rely on your cellphone to know the time, you could put a watch on your lanyard and wear it that way.

Beaded Black Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry
Lanyard With Watch On Clip

Isn’t that little watch adorable?  I love it!

And you don’t have to stop there.  Because I use a big split ring on the end of the lanyard, you can also use it for your keys, clipping them on or attaching them directly.

Blue Green Beaded Lanyard
One Way To Wear Your Keys
Blue Red Beaded Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry
Or You Could Put The Key Right On The Ring

These lanyards also serve as eyewear holders.  You can put the arm of your glasses right thru the ring, and they will rest there until you need them again.  When you need your glasses, you will find them right away if you’re using these lanyards.

Blue Beaded Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry
Easy To Use With Eyewear

Because I string my lanyards on sturdy nylon cord and knot it throughout, these lanyards are very flexible.  You could wrap the lanyard around a backpack strap or around a purse strap if you had to take it off but keep the contents handy, like so:

Black Red Gold Beaded Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry
Handy And Flexible

That’s a lot of uses!  All of them keep you organized and your important items secure and in reach whenever you need it.  These beaded lanyards make wonderful and colorful gifts for teachers, co-workers, or crafters, perfect for Secret Santa gift exchanges or stocking stuffers.

Red Gold Beaded Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry
Lanyards Make Lovely Gifts

It’s the most useful jewelry you might ever find!  All of the lanyards seen here (and more!) can be found at Juicybeads Jewelry.  Send me a message there if you’d like one made in your special colors, and get yourself some Useful Jewelry!

See you soon, Jool Lovers!



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