Magic Is Everywhere (But You Still Might Need Travel Accessories)

Now that the summer sun is out full-force, wearing sunglasses when you’re outside is a necessity.  But then it means you have to keep track of them.  It’s too easy to go from out in the sun, to taking them off inside and putting them down and forgetting about them.  And then you’ll spend valuable time trying to remember where you put them and retracing your steps to find them again.

Beaded Glasses Chain by Juicybeads Jewelry

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You’ll never lose your glasses again if you put them on a Juicybeads Jewelry eyeglass holder.  Sometimes they’re called “eyeglass chains” or “glasses lanyards”, or “eyewear accessories”.   If you use them, you’ll always have your sunglasses or reading glasses right where you need them.  Especially if you’re hiking, camping, or taking a trip.  You can keep them with you all the time.  They’re made with striking, eye-catching colors, easy to see, strung on strong nylon cording, and knotted to prevent breakage and bead loss.  These eyewear holders stay around your neck, connected to your glasses with rubber loops.  Metal clasps on both ends makes it easy to replace those rubber loops.  The flexibility of the holders makes it easy to pack in a purse or carry-on luggage.  Accessories from Juicybeads Jewelry are ready to go on any vacation!


Beaded Eyewear Holders by Juicybeads Jewelry

Beaded Eyeglass Lanyard by Juicybeads Jewelry

And now I’d like to tell you a story of a vacation I went on where I could really have used one of these eyeglass holders.  I visited Waikiki not too long ago.  It was a wonderful trip.  However, I have to confess here that my vision is so bad I wear my glasses all the time, so of course, I did not bring along one of my holders.  I did have a pair of prescription sunglasses, and I’d switch back and forth.  One day, I decided to head down to the beach, and my husband would meet me there in an hour.  I took only my sunglasses, which I wore in the water.  Waikiki Beach is wonderful, one of my favorites of all those islands, and I had a fine time there by myself, floating and jumping waves.  And then, a big wave came along, smacked me in the face, and slapped my glasses off into the wave.  The world became a bright tropical blur and I don’t think I have to tell you that I completely panicked.

I did.  Can one break into a sweat underwater?  I probably did.  I frantically waved my hands underwater, trying in vain to catch my glasses.  I knew they’d sink right down to the bottom and away from me with the tide and I needed them for the rest of the trip!

“Oh, please, please, please, pleasepleaseplease let me have my glasses back,” I said, aloud. “I need them so badly, please please please.”

And then, the sunglasses rose up amid the bubbles of the surf, right in front of me.  Where I snatched them up, babbling gratitude, and suddenly I could see the world again.  My heart was hammering in my chest, I was dizzy with relief.  Who had I been talking to, begging for the return of my eyes?  I don’t know.  It was really a free-range cosmic beg, ok, but it worked!  I met up with my husband later, and that afternoon we went to the Bishop Museum, where I learned that Namakaokahai is the Hawaiian goddess of the sea, and I thanked her again, in my head, on the spot.  To this day, I still marvel over those moments.  I don’t know how it happened.  But it did, I got really lucky that day.  And as I tell the story right now, I’m grateful again to the goddess of the sea, a thousands thanks to you, Namaka!

Art by Linda Rowell Stevens

And the morale of this magical story is two-fold: there is magic everywhere, and I wouldn’t have needed it if I’d brought along one of my own eyeglass holders.  I could definitely do with a little more of the island magic, and the next time I go, you can bet I’ll be bringing along a valuable vacation accessory!

You can, too, wherever your adventures take you!  You can save 15% at Juicybeads Jewelry on all Eyeglass Holders all this week, til Sunday, July 21, 2019 – Click here to start shopping!

Eyewear Accessories by Juicybeads Jewelry


Beaded Eyeglass Chain by Juicybeads Jewelry


Beaded Eyeglass Chains by Juicybeads Jewelry

So much gorgeous!  Aloha! til we meet again, jool-lovers!



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