I Wanna Rock!

I want lots of rocks!  I’m not sure when I became so interested in gems.   I took a geology class in junior high, they let me hold rocks while explaining the Mohs scale, and that was it.  I prefer translucent rocks, I just love how they look in the light, rich with color.  When I started making jewelry, I started with glass beads, but it didn’t take long before I wanted to start working with gemstones.  I inherited some gems along with the glass beads, and so it was easy to experiment.

Most of the jewelry I wear are stone bracelets.  I love them!  I make very simple pieces, because I think the stones can speak for themselves, I want to feature the shine and deep color, the smooth or rough texture, to appreciate the individual beauty of each chip or pebble and then all together as a whole.  Here are three I made for myself not too long ago:


I really like the wrapped-bracelet style, and often I wear more than one at a time.  Nature has given us beautiful beads for our jewelry, don’t you think?

Is there magic in these gems? Will they heal you with their natural energy?  Does wearing them do anything for you?  Well, you’ll definitely feel more beautiful wearing it,  and I don’t know if the stories are true about healing energies, as described in books such as The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall.  Apparently a lot of gemstones have useful energies!  The orange gemstone carnelian is said to inspire creativity, and when wearing some, I did feel energized and creative while working on a project, so maybe it’s true?  I really just like working with stones to make them into jewelry.  Here’s a piece I made last week, made of carnelian and rich red-purple garnet, a Mother’s Day gift to myself:


A couple of years ago, I experimented with 30 days of meditation with and without gemstones, to see about those healing energies.  I can report that meditating with stones felt different than when I did it without, and with stones felt better during and after than not using them at all, and I definitely benefitted from meditating every day, regardless.  I do believe there is something to the notion that the stones have energies we can work with to our advantages.  But that’s not why I like them, tho I think it’s a super-cool side effect.  It was a great experiment!

There are similarities in stringing glass beads and gemstones, but there are some distinct differences as well.  Hole size is a very big difference.  I like to use gemstone chips in my work, like the carnelian above, I like how it gives the pieces texture, and is not exactly matching and perfect, and they often have tiny holes, just big enough for stringing wire.

So all of these new gemstone anklets are strung on wire.  I put them in my etsy shop in pairs, but they can be purchased separately as well.  I think this aquamarine duo looks beautiful together:


One thing that’s been really interesting to me is how many of the stones I like are all related to quartz, such as citrine, that lovely creamy yellow stone, and amethyst, one of my favorite-favorites, in purple.  They are both quartzes, and I think they look good together or separately:


And here’s that hot carnelian, not a quartz, with aventurine, which IS a quartz, so I also made one using that green stone and my beloved amethyst.  The aventurine beads used in the carnelian anklet have little quartzy sparkles in them!


I think they all came out so well, exactly what I wanted.  You can visit my JuicybeadsJewelry Etsy shop to see more pictures of these gemstone anklets.  I am still offering free shipping so now’s a great time to shop for The Juice!

And if you’re interested in working with stone beads, I highly recommend it.  Maybe it’s the good vibes, or maybe just some of these stones are too beautiful to believe, but I love them.  Look how gorgeous those stones above are!

Til next time, jool lovers ~


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