Making Earrings Is Like Jewelry Haiku

Making these earrings
Is exactly like writing
Jewelry haiku

I like making earrings.  I really do.  It’s a chance to highlight beads that might be beautiful, but might also fade into the background because the beads around them are beautiful as well.  When you make a pair of earrings, the main or largest beads are given a chance to shine on their own with a little help, say, this pair for example:


I love those purple lampworked discs!  There the challenge is to find beads that support the big beads, and as I’m a fool for purple, I gladly took that challenge!

You know, I like putting flowers in my earrings.  I inherited a lot of flower beads when I first got started, and so when spring rolls around, the urge to make earrings with those beads is overwhelming.  This year I gave in to that urge with this verdant pair.


Green is one of my favorite colors to work with in the spring, flowers shapes or otherwise, and I made this pair with fresh greens for the season.  A little fancy, a little elegance, very springtime.


Easily tho, the thing about making earrings that gets me the most is that compared to writing, making earrings is like writing a jewelry haiku.  Not unlike the 5/7/5 syllable count, you are confined by size of beads, length of earrings, and whether you want movement in the piece or not beyond the earhook.  I have spent days putting beads on and taking them off a two inch pin over and over trying to create an appealing pair, and that is tiresome, but when you get it right, it’s a pleasure.  And at first, the limitations seem overwhelming, but once you get started, it fires up the creativity, and it feels like the limitations are an invitation to dig deep and find the right combo.  I’ve never really appreciated my own work with haikus in general, and I’d rather make earrings, but I can’t deny the similarities to creating either work, especially when I consider the tiny chunk of time it took me to concoct that haiku up at the top of the page, man, just like making earrings!  But I love it!

I don’t know what the next set of creations will be – I’ve been wrestling with wrap bracelets all March long!  But I can’t wait to share the next set of jools with you.  See you in a couple weeks, Jool Lovers!

PS. You can see more pictures of these earrings, and of course, all my juicy earrings at my website,!







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