Beaded Glasses Thingy

Hey Juicy Jool Lovers!  Hope all is going well for you today!  I was just adding some treasures to my Etsy store, and had to give some serious thought to what I was going to call these new items.  I just added this one to my shop:

Mixed Blues Glasses Holder

Okay, so: Eyeglass chain?  Eyeglass holder? Beaded Eyewear Lanyard? Yes, to all of those and about 20 other ways to describe the Beaded Thingy That Hangs Around Your Neck Attached To Your Reading Glasses So You Don’t Have To Look For Them All The Time.  It’s best to find different ways to title your items to be found in the search, and that means there are a lot of ways to find my juicy handmade eyeglass holders!

Here’s two more on my site:

Amber & Emerald Eyeglass Lanyard
Pink & Violet Eyeglass Holder

The thing is, it’s easy to set your reading glasses down and forget them, and then spend time trying to find them.  And I think it would make a great addition to your travel accessories, so that you’ll never lose another pair of sunglasses on your adventures ever again.

Equally useful is a beaded lanyard, which can also be used as an eyeglass holder:

Matte Sea Green Beaded Lanyard

(You can see more pictures of this lanyard and others on my site)

That lanyard is long enough to go overhead without being unclasped, and like the eyeglass holders, allows you to keep your hands free and still keep your spectacles nearby.  I see more and more people wearing lanyards when travelling, to keep track of their identification, room keys, and of course, their sunglasses.  Juicybeads’ handmade lanyards are  a colorful way to stay organized at home or on vacation!

I really like making these, both the eyeglass holders/chains and the lanyards, not just because I can experiment with color and texture, but I think they’re useful accessories to have handy.  I still have a lot of color combinations to make, but let me know if you need one, I bet I have the colors!

See ya next week!





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