JuicyLove for Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day!  I love the idea of people celebrating their love.  When my kids were in elementary school, I loved shopping for valentines for classmates, love all the heart-shaped candy, I love heart-shaped beads.   I didn’t always love it.  Before I met my husband,  when I was lonely, Valentine’s Day was painful.  And I think we should celebrate our love every day, not just one out of 365.  It’s a privilege to have people to love, and an honor to be loved.  I know some people absolutely hate Valentine’s Day, but not me.  Even though the story of the original St. Valentine isn’t romantic or even particularly positive, I still look forward to it every year.  And every year, I tell myself I’m going to make a bunch of love tokens, and I am never ready.  And I mean, never.  Much as I love it, VD sneaks up on me, and arrives before I think to get a promotion going for it.

This year is no different.  Anything that I made since last Valentine’s Day that has hearts in it does because I love those beads.  Maybe I’ll meet that goal next year, I don’t know.  I’ve improved my goal setting on a monthly basis, but holidays are currently a bridge too far. Beaded jewelry is not the biggest seller at Valentine’s Day anyway, I guess it’s more of a fine jewelry kind of holiday, proposals and whatnot. Still, I’ll share the pieces I’ve made with heart beads with you, because I love those jools and now’s the time.  Lookit mah hearts!


That one is new, and extra Valentine-y.  I have a bunch of new eyeglass holders on my site, but I’ll talk about them next time.  You can see more pictures of this one here.

Of course, these keychains:

You can see more pictures of the red and black keychain here.  And the blue keychain here.  I love the fringe, and the twisty macramé at the top.  Very sturdy keychains, and easy to find in your purse or desk drawer.

And I was working on a new style of lanyard recently, and you know I made one with a heart pendant!


I think that lanyard is very eye-catching, you can see more pictures of that one here.

So, this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, I think, and I will no doubt be working on my treasures, and there might be more heart pieces, or something bright and beautiful that shows how much I love working with these beads, and then I think we’re having a family Valentine’s dinner.  I hope that you will have the kind of Valentine’s Day exactly as you like it, whether that means going out or staying in, ignoring it entirely or just showing your love for the people and critters that you are closest to.  But if you need some Juice, to gift someone you love or to treat yourself, come on over to Juicybeads Jewelry and let’s get you some succulent colors for February!



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