It’s Keychain Season!

Hello again, Jool Lovers!  It’s Keychain Season!  Mainly because I just made a bunch, and I love how they came out and I want to share them with you.  I like to make keychains because it’s a great way to get a little macramé and a big blaze of color out into the world.  This year, I made my usual “Halo” keychains, where I make a ring of cord and beads around a central “pendant” bead, and then load it up with colorful fringe.  I am a big fan of fringe!  After I made a few, however, I realized that some of the beads I want to use for central beads don’t seem to be happy when I put them in the “halo”, you know, didn’t sit right or lay flat in the right places.  If the beads aren’t happy, the knots aren’t either!  But the beads were too beautiful to give up on, so I developed a new style of keychain: “FunkyJuicy” style, also with fringe!  And I think I like that one better!  Macramé is an old style of knotting cords, and while I haven’t used it to make plant or wall hangings, I like the look of it, the colors and textures possible are intriguing, and the “FunkyJuicy” keychains feel like a new way to bring old-fashioned knotting into the present, with bright colors and bold design.  Still flexible and waterproof, with durable knotting and good glass beads, I intend to make many more, because I can’t resist fun and pretty!
Here are some in the original “Halo” style:

And now some in the new “FunkyJuicy” style:

Which do you like better? I can’t choose!  If you want to see more of these keychains, I have them available right now in my Etsy shop.  They make great gifts for the holidays as Secret Santa gifts, or as presents for friends or loved ones, and excellent housewarming and new home gifts.  I have a couple of matched pairs, a large and a small keychain, so you can open your doors AND go get your mail!


Come take a look, see them all here:

See? Are they fun or what? And they ship for free.  Do you love them too? Let me know what you think!


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