Once Again, It’s Time To Decorate Your Feets

I noticed that I last remarked upon the need to decorate one’s ankles and feet with jewelry a year ago, at the end of May.  It seemed like the sunny weather got an earlier start last year, didn’t it?  It was cloudy two days ago, here in Southern California, and raining two days before that, and today it is scorching outside.  Well, the weather may be frightful (frightfully sweaty), but I have new anklets to share, and so, here I am again, urging bright colors and textures onto our most ignored extension that we could adorn with treasure, our feet.


I have two kinds this summer, single strand, as above, and double strand, like these:




The single strand anklets are $8, and the doubles are $10.  And I’ll be making more before the summer is over, they’re pretty and fun, and I love how they turned out.  More importantly, they’re lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and securely knotted.  You can see more pictures of these anklets and more, if you visit my Etsy store:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JuicybeadsJewelry?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

You can send me a message here or through Etsy.com if you’d like a special color or size for juicy ankle treasures, I’d love to make you a little something to go with your summer wardrobe or swimsuits, just give me a holler!

I’m off to make more treasures – enjoy your day!



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