Gemstone Treasures

I really love gemstone jewelry.  Well, I really love gemstones, and whatever technique allows me to wears them makes me happy!  I’ve been working with stones for a long time, and have featured them on my site before.  I was very excited to read that one of the 2018 jewelry trends is gemstone jewelry!  Excited because I have some to show, and even more to make:

This pink and green necklace is made from a stone called Lapis Nevada, also known as “peace stone”, in beads and chips, and rose quartz rounds, with glass seed beads, and a toggle clasp, strung on wire.  $37.
You can find it here:

Jasper Rhodonite Necklace 1

This chunky charm necklace is made with brown/orange/pink leopard jasper, pink rhodochrosite, black glass beads, and gold plated spacers and toggle clasp. $36.
You can find it here:

Fire Agate Necklace 1

This frosty and elegant necklace is made with a white jasper pendant, fire agate discs, crystal quartz beads and chips and tiny obsidian chips, with a toggle clasp, strung on nylon cord.  $35.
You can find it here:

I hope gemstone jewelry keeps trending high, I have a lot of pieces to make!

January kind of flew past me.  The urge to organize always strikes in the beginning of the year, and all of a sudden, I found myself dividing my time between clearing and sorting, both in my stash and online, and making a plan I can follow all year long to get me where I want to go, along with making production goals.  Last year, I decided that I was going to make 100 pieces (I was so close, I made 90 pieces in a year!), but that is way too production-centered to sustain.  It was a nice challenge, though, no regrets!  This year, I’m focusing on beefing up jewelry sections on my website that needs updated designs – more bracelets, stat!  Earrings, too.  I want to see more newness on my website!

I’m off to make something – if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here or at  Otherwise, have a wonderful last day of January, see ya soon, jool lovers!



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