Wildly Impossible, Doing It Anyway


(So many purples and some Batman means some awesome beading is about to happen!)

I’m the sort of person who tends to choose small projects, which I then complicate into big projects, and either come to my senses and scale the project down or move on.  Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best technique, depending on what I want to play with at the time.  Macramé is still my favorite thing and it makes things complicated because of cord/bead size and clasps and whatnot, and while putting things on wire or pins is a lot easier, it isn’t as fun as knotting.  But cordwork brings it’s own headaches, and easier is almost always better.  The creative life is a constant challenge, isn’t it?  What I’m saying is, it isn’t hard to make a small project into a big one, and the  trick is to get to the finish line with it.  I tend to finish pieces, but if it gets out of hand, I save my notes for later and make something else.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on making colorful accessories into gift-y type things, something you can give to friends or co-workers.  I wanted to offer a bunch of different kinds of things, which turned into sets, which meant a lot of work to do.  And I looked at the calendar and asked myself if I felt like doing all that work.  Part of me spoke up right away: “NOPE!”

But another part of me wanted that challenge, wants to pull all the beads (and put them all away after!), to make a big gift splash on my site and on Etsy.  “LET’S DO IT!” thundered that part of me.   “Really, more work?” replies the rest of me, and that part of me responds with, “YES”, so here we are, making sketches and digging out seed beads, and I’m telling myself I’m going to beat that holiday deadline.

I decided to start with making some bookmark/eyeglass chain sets.  I know a lot of people don’t take their glasses off to read, but since I got bifocals, I learned that I liked reading with my glasses off better.  Which meant I had to put my glasses somewhere and then remember where.  Some people prop their glasses on their heads and spend a lot of time looking for them everywhere but there.  I tend to put mine down on my side table, but I can’t see them afterwards and have to feel around, trying not to knock them to the floor in the process and avoiding all sorts of disasters.  A good way to keep those glasses close and safely would be to put them on an eyeglass holder.  They’re also known as eyeglass chains or eyeglass leashes.  And then of course you need a pretty bookmark for your book.  This idea kept at me for a while and then I gave in and I thought they came out pretty good!

(You can see the others here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JuicybeadsJewelry?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&section_id=22185960 )

I loved how those came out!  I’d been trying to find a use for that metal fish bead for a long time, I thought of it right away for this project, and it turned out so nice and ocean-y, I love it.  I think I’ll take up my own challenge and make different gift sets now.  Maybe with purse charms, keychains, zipper charms, and tiny bookmarks.  And then I set an even more ridiculous goal – 6 – 9 sets by October.  Wildly impossible!  But I am going to make some, because I have a lot of beads that would be perfect for the job.  And little juicy gifties might make happiness this holiday season.  (I know, already the Christmas, but yes, because that’s the deadline for this project.  It’s super hot outside, it sure doesn’t feel close to the holidays in any way, shape or form.  Closer to the sun, amirite? Gah!)

Well, so, it might be biting off more than I can chew and that deadline is FIRM, and I’ll probably ask myself what the heck I’d been thinking, but I’m Queen of this shop and I’ll make myself crazy with juicy colors if I want!  I’m going to start with purple.  I have a lot of purple, as you can see. 100_3311I’ll post these sets when I get them finished, which hopefully won’t take too long.  Purple is my favorite color, which is great, as we’ll be spending a lot of time together!  Plum and gold, maybe…we’ll see.

Are you the sort of person who tends to bite off more than they can chew?  Do you just do the thing or run away?  Success in a big projects probably feels great, but getting started and staying in it is HARD.  How do you handle it, tell me all!


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