Losing My Bead-mentum In The Summer

Every other year, my husband’s family goes on a big trip somewhere.  This year, we got together and went to the Grand Canyon.  It was a fine trip, lovely destination, beautiful views, all the desert flora and fauna one might want to see.  I spent a week just enjoying myself, resolving not to dwell on my business and jewelry, for once, actually taking a vacation!  And it was wonderful.



now I’m home, and Etsy is urging me to do something about those pieces that are about to expire, and I have a long list of stuff to do, schedules and goals and all that good stuff.

Sigh.  My soul is still on vacation.  Is not ready to jump back into that grind.  I let myself go into vacation mode, and that means that somehow, now that I’m back, I have to find that energy to get going again.

I made a few things before the trip, for myself, like this turquoise and aventurine bracelet, which I liked so much I want to make a similar one to share with the world:


And this lovely garnet piece, which was an experiment, because I’d been collecting garnet and was determined to make something red for myself.  I like the look of thick-and-thin wrap bracelets, and I love how this came out:


But now that I’m back, I feel like I need more vacation.
My beadmentum seems also to be on vacation.
I know the first step is showing up.  Setting up my table, and getting out some gorgeous beads, and patiently listen for them to tell me what they want to become, and then enjoy the process of making those jools.  The urge to create never truly fades, but it sure knows how to vacation!

Has this happened to you?  What did you do to get back on that donkey and get your work done?



4 thoughts on “Losing My Bead-mentum In The Summer

  1. Ahhhh vacation mode! Maybe you could make some ‘canyon pieces’. I find inspiration in the colors and textures around me. Remember the strips of color in the canyon walls? Maybe some individual mix and match pieces – layered like the rocks! I know whatever you do, it will be beautiful!

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