Summer Is The Time To Dress Your Feets With Juicy Ankle Jools


It’s starting to feel like summer out here, and that makes me think about anklets, and if I do too much of that, then I have to make some.  I think anklets are sexy.  Exotic.  I don’t see them so much in the United States, but on trips to Papeete, Hawaii, and Barbados, they were commonly worn by men, women, and children, on thick knotted cord, studded with colorful beads and shells, or thin, shiny chains that lent a golden glow.  I love to make beaded anklets.  And I love to wear them, when I wear sandals or flip flops.  Any excuse, really, to add more color to my day is welcome, and I think anklets are perfect summer jewelry – light, and bright.  Or dark, depending on taste, but always lovely.  I make them with as much color as I can get into them, and the ones knotted with nylon cord are waterproof, flexible, and comfortable.

But I know that comfort, no matter how lovely, might not be enough to kindle a desire to wear anklets.  People have told me that they hated the way their legs look.  Ugly feet.  Ugly ankles.

Why call attention to ugliness?

And I understand that feeling.  Body shame.  Lack of perfection.  Failing social standards.  I do, I completely understand.  I have some of all of that.  But not when it comes to anklets.  I think it makes ankles look better.  Fighting that shame with beauty creates a freedom.  I am definitely here for beautiful freedom.

A few years ago, I twisted my ankle nearly to the breaking point, and it didn’t heal right, and if I step wrong, it will re-injure and swell up.  I hurt the other ankle as well, in this accident,  and neither of my ankles look pretty or shapely.  I don’t care.  I don’t.  I will wrap a beautiful treasure around it, for no other reason than I love my poor feet and think they deserve decoration as much as any other part of me.  And no matter how they look, they feel pretty and sexy, and free.


So if you want to dress up your feets, I put a bunch of anklets in my Etsy shop, which you can see here:


And there’s a few I didn’t include in my shop, that you might like on my site:

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like a piece re-sized or you see a design you’d like in different colors/beads:

Wishing you a pleasant and shiny Tuesday ~



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