Pt. II: How I Stayed In Love With Beads

So, I got bit by the beadbug.  And the urge to create was immense.  But I might not have kept on creating and gotten to the point where I now find myself, if not for my best friend, J.  Known her since high school, still see her every weekend.  And I’m grateful to her for a lot of things, and one of those things is the gift of beads she gave me when her mother passed away.  Her mom was one of the craftiest people I have ever known.  She was a Crafting Goddess, beading, sewing, collaging, had her own loom and made wall hangings with it.  That loom was gigantic.  And her art was astounding.  She was dedicated to crafting, and there were a lot of supplies to sort through when she left us.

One day very soon after the BeadBugBite, my friend asks me if I’d like to take a look at some of the beads she found in her mom’s stash.  Turned out to be boxes and boxes of beads, glass, porcelain, stone, wood, there was so much treasure in my friend’s garage!  And I sorted through it, took a lot home, eventually took it all home.  I had to give some of it away myself, because I didn’t work with beads that small, and I didn’t mind sharing.  Some of those beads go back to the late 80’s/ early 90’s, and I can’t find more of them.  I have colors here that I have never seen online or in a catalog.  It was the greatest advantage a new crafter could ever want.  The beads were such a wide range of styles I felt inspired to try them all, which was a great way to discover what I really liked.  I mean, I just jumped in, because I loved pretty and shiny, but I had to develop my craft, so this was great practice.

And I rediscovered my love for stone beads.  I didn’t even know how much I loved stringing shiny rocks until I got some, got to work, realized that I needed more and more.  I feel sure that I would have concentrated on glass beads if those amethyst chips hadn’t come my way in my friend’s mom’s stash.  I hope to add a lot more stone pieces this year.

I got the idea of putting beads together in a bag to work on later from her.  She had a lot of bagged projects. Sometimes I wish I could call her and ask what the projects would have been.  Or what she was planning to do with those weird yellow seed beads with the red lining.  (Because they really are weird-looking.)  Mostly I am so grateful, and hope I am doing my friend’s mom honor with my work.  I wouldn’t be here blogging about it if not for their gift to me.  So grateful!

Now I’m heading over to my site, to make some changes to my bracelet page.  I’ve added some new charm bracelets to my New Treasures page, like this one:


This bracelet has beads from my friend’s mom, the ones with the metallic blue edges, for sure.

And this one, too: 100_3133

Those matte green round ones were definitely from her as well.  She had such great, fun taste in beads!  I’ve had the best time playing with them.

To see the other two charm bracelets I’ve added to my site:

Gimme a holler and tell me what you think!  And have a great Friday, beadfriends!

One thought on “Pt. II: How I Stayed In Love With Beads

  1. T, you are amazing and I know my mother would be so proud of you. Especially with you carrying on her tradition of being a phenomenal artist and crafter. She is looking down and smiling as I write. And thank you for the lovely post. May we keep inspiring one another forever. Your bud always – J

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