Welcome to Juicybeads Jewelry!

Hey, hi!  My name’s Tracy.  I make handmade jewelry, accessories, and gifts, with beads.  Glass beads, shell, wood, porcelain, I love to work with beads.  There is so much to consider when working with beads – colors and textures, design and creation, beauty and elegance, boldness and delight.  I’ve been making jewelry for nearly 15 years, and enjoy all of those elements every day as I work on my treasures, even after all this time.  Each element has its own challenges and merit and it’s ridiculously fun to figure out which way to go with every creative opportunity.  I just really love making jewelry.  And sharing it, too – To see my work: www.juicybeadsjewelry.com

This is a recent piece, a juicy grapey charm bracelet:100_3113

Besides making jewelry, I am interested in the process of creating.  I used to be a writer, and the process of creating a scene and creating a bracelet from an original idea feels the same to me, the same imagining and editing still takes place.  And if the piece isn’t perfect, then there’s further editing or a complete re-do.  I’m always interested in seeing how other artists work, how they fan the flames of their creativity, how it works for and against their creative goals.  So I’m going to want to talk about that too!

But not right this second.  Right this second, I have to go make a something.  But it was time to get this blog started.  Here we go, and here I go!





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